Mark Basil Pappas

Mark Basil Pappas is a trusted personal injury lawyer with an excellent reputation throughout California. His investigatory prowess and aggressive representation style have paved the path to numerous legal victories. As such, he is a great legal advocate to turn to as you deal with personal injury devastation.

Education and Experience

Mark Basil Pappas loves the State of California, and, prior to becoming a lawyer, he attended two of the state’s best educational institutions. During his undergraduate years, he studied at the University of California, Berkeley, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He then attended the esteemed John F. Kennedy University School of Law in Pleasant Hill.

After obtaining his Juris Doctor, Mark Basil Pappas served as a prosecuting attorney for the Solano County District Attorney. In this role, he obtained a thorough understanding of the local legal landscape, which continues to serve him well to this day. After working with the Solano County District Attorney for a decade, he decided to continue serving the community through his own law firm. Today, he handles a vast array of personal injury cases through the Law Offices of Mark Basil Pappas. His law firm has an excellent reputation throughout California.

Practice Areas

Mark Basil Pappas has long been passionate about personal injury law. He takes great satisfaction in his ability to secure deserved remuneration for his valued clients, the majority of whom have experienced physical and emotional devastation due to the negligence of others. During his time as a trusted personal injury attorney, Mark Basil Pappas has handled complicated cases involving animal bites, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, and wrongful death. His clients appreciate his impressive understanding of all aspects of personal injury law, as well as the zealous representation he provides in court.

Mark Basil Pappas: A Strong Personal Injury Advocate

Mark Basil Pappas hates to see his clients suffer as a result of recklessness or negligence. He works hard to help victims of negligence move past traumatic experiences. This is achieved through holding responsible parties accountable in court and obtaining compensation for the financial repercussions of avoidable accidents. Whether your primary goal is to fight for justice or to simply seek the compensation you deserve, you can count on Mark Basil Pappas for dedicated legal support. He will fight aggressively to ensure that you receive full compensation for your suffering.